Nicole Stratton is excited to announce the NEW Academy of Arts Directors Guild!

Have you ever thought that starting or growing a speech program for your students just seems impossible – or at the very least, extremely daunting?! Maybe you are not sure where to start, or you are not sure how much to attempt with limited time and limited resources. Have you ever said one of the following things: “There is no budget, and it will be so expensive to mount!”, or “I wish I could find quality, wholesome cuttings and plays, but they just aren’t out there!”, or “How can my students be involved in quality theatre, without being exposed to dangerous philosophies?”, or “I have amazingly talented students, and I want to stretch them with quality drama, but ‘Christian Drama’ all seems watered down and dumbed down, so my kids don’t want to do it- help!”, or “I wish I had a community where I could get help on anything from beginner dramatic readings to full-scale productions, but where can I find professional help in my area?”

If you have felt any of these things, you are not alone!! We hear you, and we’ve got some great news!! You can now have access to all the help, tools, training, and resources you could ever want, from a source that has been the pioneer of quality, Christian dramatic content for over 40 years!! Welcome to The Logos Theatre’s Director’s Guild!!!

Whether you are a seasoned director looking to improve the quality of your productions or an absolute newbie to the directing/speech education world – the Director’s Guild is a brand new community of creatives and professionals, where you can learn all the practical, I-can-do-this steps (no matter what your present level) for Directing,Stage Lighting, Costuming (on a dime), Make-up A-Z, Set Design (yes you can!!!), Prop Making, Puppetry, and more!! Wanting our students to experience the best in speech and drama training, and preparing them to be powerful, effective communicators no matter what field they enter is not an “extra”, it is an absolute necessity!! Click below to subscribe and come join this powerful and exciting new Director’s Guild, where education, community, philosophy, and practical answers will be discussed and explored weekly!

Directors Guild


  • access to a private Facebook group with Logos Theatre Directors and teachers

  • 1x/week live Q&A sessions with Logos Theatre Directors and teachers

  • 1x/month video upload from Nicole Stratton, Artistic Director for the Logos Theatre on her latest projects and tips

  • 10% off resources

  • 1 free ticket to the Annual Christian Directors Convention

Every week, the Directors at The Academy of Arts, led by the Artistic Director of the Logos Theatre, Nicole Stratton – Director of the world premiere production of Prince Caspian — will take you through their creative processes, from small school stages, church stages, theatre in the round, and professional scale productions, to how to cut, develop, block and perform pieces for competition and ministry!

The Academy of Arts has been “Making the Bible Come Alive” for over 40 years, and continues to provide the best in quality, sacred material for all ages, to communicate the truths of the Word of God in the home, the church, the school, competitions and the professional stage!

Join now and you will also get a FREE ticket to the First Annual Director’s Convention at The Logos Theatre in Taylors, SC this Spring!!! AAAAAND, with your Convention ticket you will receive a FREE ticket to Prince Caspian!!!

Hurry and sign up because the first 25 members of our Director’s Guild, will also get a FREE backstage pass to Prince Caspian, complete with an up-close look at Aslan, and the horse Destrier, interviews with the cast members, secrets to “how’d they do that” and more!!

PLUS you will get discounts on every e-course that The Logos Theatre produces — and wait until you see all the subjects we will be unveiling!!
– Stage Lighting
– Make-up for Stage and Film
– Wig and Beard Making
– Costuming — On a Dime/Time Period/Vision Boards/Alteration Tips and Tricks
– Set Design and Construction
– Soundtrack Creating
– Directing for Elementary
– Directing for Ages 12-Up
– Acting 101,102, and more
– Playwriting: Non-fiction, Biblical, Fiction, Story/Book Adaptation
– Philosophy of Communicative Arts

AND DID YOU KNOW — The Academy of Arts Logos Theatre is hosting it’s FIRST ANNUAL Fine Arts Festival, and as a member of the Director’s Guild, you will get a 10% discount on the entrance fee for you and your students to join in this festival — PLUS the discount on all readings on!! ANYONE can compete in this competition — from elementary, high school, amateur, or professional — everyone will have a category in which they can compete in music, drama and vocal arts!!! We are BEYOND EXCITED for this Festival!! And just think, as a member of the Director’s Guild you can get all sorts of help for preparing your students for competitions!! The Academy of Arts has won numerous state and national awards at competitions and festivals both in the US, and on the International Stage as well!! Being a member of this Guild is your front row seat to hear how and why they continue to produce the highest quality of content and performance from students of all ages!! Let The Academy of Arts help you right in your own home or school, as you educate and inspire others (or even just grow yourself!) in the powerful craft of communicating from the stage!!!

The Logos Theatre’s Director’s Guild is THE place for you to meet other directors, get insight into every facet of production, ask your questions, share your experiences, chat with people who are actually DOING productions all the time in hundreds of settings, and find all the help and support you could ever need from those who have the philosophy of using the arts to communicate the Truth of God’s Word to the whole world!

No question is too small, no stage is too difficult, no budget is too limiting, and no topic is off the table at the Logos Theatre’s Director’s Guild!! And having the opportunity to come and experience an operating professional theatre dedicated to the Truth of God’s Word, will inspire you and your students as you work to develop your gifts for the Lord!!

Join our community and let’s start creating quality content and amazing opportunities for EVERY student, EVERY professional, and EVERY person in your sphere that wants to grow in their ability, understanding, and practice of communicating the message of the Gospel of Jesus Christ through the arts!

How it works:

  1. When you join, you will receive your Logos Theatre Director’s Guild Badge in your email, along with confirmation of being added to the Closed FB Page, and your form to register for The Logos Theatre’s Fine Arts Festival!
  2. Register for the Festival using your Discount Code!
  3. Your tickets to the Convention, Prince Caspian and the Backstage Pass will arrive in your email as well — KEEP THESE FLAGGED SO YOU HAVE EASY ACCESS WHEN YOU BOOK YOUR TIME TO COME!
  4. Call The Academy of Arts at 864-268-9342 to confirm your attendance at the Convention and/or the show date/time that you will attend Prince Caspian.
  5. Start watching ALL the live videos on the page in real time, or whenever is convenient for you!!
  6. Introduce yourself to the page and start asking your questions, posting your pictures, and sharing all of your experiences as you grow, teach, direct, and produce speeches/dramas/musicals/cantatas/and more!
  7. Make sure to share your Badge on your own FB page/website that you are an official member of the Logos Theatre’s Director’s Guild!!
  8. Start enjoying rapid growth and new inspiration no matter what level you are at present!! The journey is about to get sooooo exciting — you are now on the road to watching talents develop, opportunities multiply, ideas explode, and messages infuse with truth and passion. You are now, a member of The Logos Theatre’s Director’s Guild!!!

Can’t wait to have you join us!!