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Little Women Broadway Musical


The Performance Brought Me To Tears


I had the honor of attending the performance of Prince Caspian along with my family for their last few productions with the Living Like Lucy ministry. I was extremely impressed! The performance brought me to tears. Their attention to detail and their creativity were both awe-inspiring and stunning. Their performance rivaled those of well-known theatres in DC if not outperformed them! I look forward to seeing many more of their productions. It’s well worth the drive I took from the DC area and listening to their incredible soundtrack only makes me want to return as soon as possible!

– Crystal Gueck

Worth The Trip From Tennessee


Excellent production of Prince Caspian! Acting and set were superb! Worth the trip! (from TN)

– Jeannetta Beasley Hitt

Will Blow You Away



You will never believe unless you go and see a production at this theater. They are Broadway-worthy. Prince Caspian will blow you away.

– Christina Emptage

The Most AWESOME Performance


I saw Prince Caspian at the Logos Theatre this past summer and it was the most AWESOME performance ever…including the performances on Broadway I’ve been to.

– Sally Love

Little Women

The Broadway Musical

The Logos Theatre is so excited to be producing the classic musical "Little Women" this summer! The stellar thirty five member cast of actors, singers and dancers are made up of Logos Theatre staff members, as well as local Greenville talent.
The production is being directed by our very own Artist Director, Nicole Chavers Stratton (also playing Jo), with the help of John Green (also playing Laurie) as the chorus and vocal director. John Green is new to The Logos Theatre but not to music, as he has his degree in voice and has been singing professionally since his college years.
Nicole Stratton was the writer and director for The Logos Theatre's latest success, "Prince Caspian" which was an epic two hour stage adaptation of C.S. Lewis' literary classic. Nicole is now excited to be able to turn her focus to this new project of bringing this beloved story of "Little Women" to The Logos Theatre stage! This story is especially meaningful to her as she has three sisters herself and has made the directing of the production an extremely special experience!
One of the extremely unique things about Stratton's take on this musical is how she is handling the death of Beth! If you think you've seen this musical, think again! You have never seen it directed like this and the unique perspective that Stratton brings to it, is sure to make this production unforgettable!
The Logos Theater's technical director Joe Hainsworth has worked hand in hand with Nicole Stratton to design the epic sets for this show. And he and his crew have spent countless hours over the last three months building and decorating the sets to make them just as amazing as any set you've seen to date at The Logos Theatre! If you've seen any of Joe Hainsworth's work on years past with the Narnia series you know that this production of Little Women will be a feast not only for the ears but for the eyes as well!!
With epic ball room sets that revolve on The Logos Theatre's thirty foot diameter turn table, to magical attic scenes and beautiful parlors, you will be blown away by the beauty and authenticity of this incredible set!
One of the most challenging scenes has been the beach scene, where Beth sings her now famous song "Some things are meant to be". For this, Hainsworth has solicited the help of local artist Marshall McCall to paint a fifty foot drop that will be painted like a beauty beach, complete with water, clouds and amazing sky!
The drop is currently being finished at The Logos Theatre's warehouse in Greenville and will be making is debut on this heart warming tale! McCall is no stranger to The Logos Theatre though, as he has taught art to the theatre's conservatory students for two years.
Now if the sets and directing weren't enough to get you excited, just wait until you see the costumes for this production! We all know that the 1800's was  a beautiful time period for fashion but seeing it come to life and walk across the stage in such a delightful story will be just amazing!! From the ball gowns and tailed tuxedos to the every day dress of the March girls at home, you will walk way talking about the beauty of each piece!
If you have not seen the musical then you are in for a treat, as much of the musical covers Jo's stories that she has written! As Jo reads her stories to the professor, you as the audience watch the epic dramas come to life on stage in full renaissance style! There are damsels in distress, daring heroes, evil villains, trolls, hags and brave knight! All of these characters bring so much color to the show and deliver some incredible songs as well!!
These lavish costumes are contrasted with the simple elegance of Meg's dress for the proposal scene with Mr Brooks and all of them together make such a beautiful pallet of color and style!

Why Little Women?

The main reason the staff of The Logos Theatre is excited to bring you this musical is because of its message! With so many negative things being hurled at us each and every day in the media, we feel it is extremely important to be bringing the community something that supports family values, love, forgiveness, joy through loss, and self sacrifice!
These are the character traits that the Logos Theatre's staff believe in and what to promote and cultivate in hearts and the timeless story of "Little Women" does just that!
So make your plans to come and be delighted by The Logos Theatre's epic and heartwarming rendition of broadway "Little Women" the musical!
The show opens the first weekend in July and runs through the first weekend in August! Tickets are 25 % off up until July 5th for all Logos Theatre productions so be sure to call today and reserve your seat!! For more information call our box office at 864-268-9342! Hope to see you there!!

About the Directors

Noah and Nicole Stratton assumed the Directorship of the Academy of Arts Ministries in 2010. Noah earned a BA Degree in Elementary Education from Bob Jones University, and his love for music and drama prompted him to participate in numerous local productions and led him to the Academy of Arts where he could use his talents in ministry.

Nicole, the Artistic Director of the Academy of Arts Ministry, is a graduate of The Academy of Arts Conservatory Program and received her Master of Sacred Fine Arts Degree in 2004. After given the opportunity to audition and sing with Disney World and Euro-Disney, Nicole and her family felt God’s calling was of greater importance. Nicole has directed for 18 years and has traveled to over 20 states directing week-long Drama Seminars involving well over 30,000 students and personally acting and singing in over 300 productions. Nicole has written and produced many productions for the Logos Theatre, the most recent being an adaption of the beloved series by C.S. Lewis, The Chronicles of Narnia.

Noah and Nicole faithfully serve at the Logos together with their son, Brinton. They have impacted thousands of hearts by yielding their gifts to Christ and it is their desire to achieve a level of excellence at the Logos Theatre that exalts the name of Christ above all!



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