Who We Are

The Logos Theatre is an Upstate theatre that performs year-round, state-of-the-art productions in Taylors, SC. Located within a local landmark with a history steeped in theatre and education, our space is fully equipped to produce professional quality productions that immerse the audience in compelling stories with uplifting messages and family values.

We Engage the Public

From locals in the Upstate to theatre enthusiasts across the world, our Broadway-level productions have attracted and engrossed audiences of every age and background.

We Perform High-Quality Productions

With expert set design, masterful costuming, and (in some cases) world-class puppetry, the Logos Theatre is able to execute high-level performances that delight and awe our audiences.

We Incorporate the Community

Each production is infused with local talent, featuring members of the community and students of The Academy of Arts as actors, volunteers, technicians, and more.

The Academy of Arts

The Logos Theatre is one facet of The Academy of Arts, an art school and education program dedicated to teaching students the power of ministry through drama and how to “make the Bible come alive” on stage with God-honoring productions that feature inspiring messages of faith.

Support Us

Support the efforts of the Logos Theatre and The Academy of Arts with a donation to help meet the needs of our expanding ministry and regulation changes for safe gatherings. Learn more about ways to contribute.

Stream Performances

During COVID-19, we believe that the joy of theatre is needed now more than ever. So, we are bringing theatre to the safety of your home with pre-recorded videos of our productions, now available for streaming on demand.

Learn More

We have many exciting things happening at the Logos Theatre and The Academy of Arts that we’d love to share with you! Explore our website to discover upcoming projects and ways to contribute to our thriving theatre community.